Episode 88 How to talk about your ADHD

The audio for this episode may or may not be awful as James may or may not have overestimated how good the internet connection from his hotel room was…

In Episode 88, The ADHD Adults discuss how you might approach telling people about your ADHD in the face of some pretty strong societal opinions about ADHD.  As usual,  Alex the Psychoeducation Monkey provides  'evidence' on the topic, all three ADHD adults give their personal reflections on the theme and provide  'top tips' on how to talk about your ADHD.  'What has James lost, forgotten or mislaid this week?” returns with Alex tied at 5-5 for the year so far, and Alex reads out the usual 'definitely real' correspondence.  Alex turns into Mr Mackey Mkay,  Mrs ADHD continues to be a joke bomb and James says hello to his existing minions in Romania…

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