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Extra content is available via Patreon, where for £3 per month (or a payment of your choice) you get access  the following exclusive content:

A picture showing James in 3 different poses to advertise his live body doubling sessions

Live body doubling – Join James or Mrs ADHD for an hour of silent body doubling every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for all members, and every weekday for upper tier members. There is also an open silent body doubling session and a social session.

ADHD Towers – A look behind the scenes at the chaos where James and Mrs ADHD reside…

Interview with a Dracula – A chance for fans of the podcast to come on and ask James questions, about anything they like!

Getting Shit Done’ with Mrs ADHD – Work alongside Mrs ADHD to some pre-recorded body doubling sessions.

– Bite Sized Exercise (coming soon)

– Would I lie to you with Mrs ADHD (coming soon)

You can also chat to Sam, James and other members.

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