In Episode 74, the ADHD Adults discuss the link between headaches, especially migraines, and ADHD.   As usual, Alex the Psycho-education Monkey delivers the science behind the subject,  personal reflections are delivered  from all three ADHD adults about headaches and ADHD (let's face it, just James really) and  some 'top tips' on managing migraines.  'What has James lost, forgotten or mislaid this week?” continues with a new annual score so Alex isn't embarrassingly failing,  and the usual correspondence, chaos and nonsense are included.  James shakes like a shitting dog, Mrs ADHD asks Alex if he is 'telling Beaut' and Alex attempts a Brummie accent. Fat crabs may or may not have returned…

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Written by Alex Conner and James Brown
Produced by James Brown and Afatscientist Ltd.
Social media contacts: @theadhdadults
Music by Sessionz

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