In Episode 57, the ADHD Adults James and Alex discuss the issue of pain in ADHD. As usual, the world's worst podcast™ includes pathetically delivered psychoeducation on ADHD and pain, monotonously delivered by Alex the Psychoeducation Monkey, personal reflections on the subject and the usual game of 'What has James lost, forgotten or mislaid this week?” which Alex undoubtedly will get wrong. Will Alex continue to receive  correspondence from 'Robert from Kidderminster'?  Our wonderful but confusingly enthusiastic  international listener base is welcomed with another cringeworthy 'hello',  and the usual pathetic . 'Top Tips' or 'spunk trumpeting without Gabby Logan reveals his 'rapper name' and James's gets 'pain shamed'…

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Written by Alex Conner and James Brown
Produced by James Brown and Afatscientist Ltd.
Social media contacts: @theadhdadults
Music by Sessionz

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