Episode 50: ADHD and emotional regulation

Episode 50, we've hit a half-century! Continuing ADHD Awareness Month 2022, this latest dog tod of an episode discusses emotional dysregulation in ADHD, including robotically and unemotionally delivered psychoeducation from Alex the Psychoeducation Monkey,  personal reflections and the usual Gaby Logan-laced last section. The usual game of 'What has James lost, forgotten or mislaid this week?” continues to annoy Alex, whilst correspondence from 'Robert from Kidderminster'?  continues AND Alex butchers messages from real listeners as usual.   James has spider paralysis and Alex talks about penguins…

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Written by Alex Conner and James Brown
Produced by James Brown and Afatscientist Ltd.
Social media contacts: @theadhdadults
Music by Sessionz

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