In Episode 36, by far the angriest and sweariest episode yet, the ADHD adults discuss the external stigma associated with ADHD. As you might expect, the fundamentally awful podcast contains some pathetic evidence-based psychoeducation on the external stigma delivered by Alex the Psychoeducation Monkey, as well as James and Alex's personal reflections on the external stigma that many of us have faced (James loses his temper just a touch). The  'Top Tips' section is replaced by the word 'spunktrumpet',  'What did James lose this week?” returns largely just to annoy Alex,  and Alex continues to read out 'letters' (Robert from Kidderminster anybody?) as well as welcoming our international listener(s). James goes for the C-bomb record and Alex can't be trusted with a birthday card.

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Written by Alex Conner and James Brown
Produced by James Brown and Afatscientist Ltd.
Social media contacts: @theadhdadults
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