Episode 28: Pay Attention! Symptoms of inattentive ADHD

Episode 28 is the first of a two-parter, where we get back to basics; focusing on the two core diagnostic elements of ADHD, inattentiveness and hyperactivity/impulsivity (coming next week).  There is more correspondence, probably including something from 'Robert from Kidderminster, as well as saying hello to our international listeners (poor, poor people). Alex the psychoeducational monkey talks about the what and why of 'attention',  personal reflections of our own 'inattentiveness' as well as some 'top tips' (don't do them, or maybe, do them?) are covered.  Will Alex fail to score a point again in  'What did James lose this week?”?  James manages to get 'head shape' into the diagnostic criteria and there is 'something wrong' with Alex.

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Written by Alex Conner and James Brown
Produced by James Brown and Afatscientist Ltd.
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